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I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

Where do my coaching clients come from?

I have worked with leaders at all different stages of their careers:

  • Leaders aspiring for the next level or stuck and unable to achieve it; 

  • Leaders who have achieved dizzy heights and feel like they want something else, or are losing their motivation to keep working at this level;

  • Leaders coming to the end of their careers and wanting to explore what's next; 

  • Leaders who have received feedback as part of a development programme that they need to work their way through.

  • Newly appointed leaders taking on a new role and responsibilities.

I have clients in both the public and private sector across all business functions and general management.


Wherever you are on your leadership journey I offer a safe confidential space for you to learn more about you and to reflect on those learnings and consider what's next.


We never stop learning and so taking time out to build on your skills and lessons learned ,can offer you perspective and enable you to be more resourceful in the moment, able to better access all of your experience and make more informed choices.

My Clients

What some of my clients say about my coaching...

‘The coaching has really helped me in a number of different areas. Recognising my strengths, and using them to my advantage, planning and preparation for difficult meetings/situations, understanding the needs of others’. Director, Financial Services

‘Melanie can be described as follows; Encouraging, Firm, Challenging (i.e asks direct questions that force you to think)’.

Product Manager, Telecomms

‘Melanie immediately made me feel relaxed and gave me the confidence that the environment was confidential thus safe. This enabled me to talk freely and whilst Melanie didn’t give me advice she talked me through the options I had identified and the pros/cons of each. This allowed me to fully understand the dilemma and thus make good decisions’. Managing Director, Facilities Management

‘the coaching has taught me to stand back and look in a little more, this may delay some decisions but it will allow me to make the correct decisions.’ 

Senior Manager, Manufacturing

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