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Welcome to Curious Coach, an independent coaching and supervision practice for leaders and coaches

We never stop learning so wherever you are on your journey, whichever path you are considering, there is always something new to discover.  If you are curious about how coaching can help you grow professionally and personally, then get in touch.


Leadership can be lonely wherever in the organisation you are. So I offer time for self reflection, a confidential non judgemental space to help you develop your self awareness and reach your full potential to whatever and wherever that might be.

I have a great understanding of how business and organisations work, from years spent doing what you do and working with clients who do what you do. I help them retain perspective when the pressure is increased and build challenging and trusting relationships that help clients see the wood for the trees.

What differentiates me as a coach is that I have worked for many years in HR with large international organisations through times of fast growth, downsizing and change and so understand the systems you work in.

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